About Ina


I'm from sunny South Africa!
I currently live in Gauteng, West Rand.
Photography is the perfect hobby to stimulate my creative side.

You can view more of my photo's on my Womanwithalens @ UseFilm

Some comments from visitors:
I found the aminus website tonight by accident. I've spent the last couple hours on it (which is unusual for me), but found myself unable to stop until I looked through all of your photos. You are an excellent photographer. It was like being a vacation going through your photography. My husband and I are always taking pictures of wildlike and (of course) we think it's great...until we see examples of really great photography like yours. The color, use of space, and subject are all perfectly combined in each photo. They are fun and interesting, but not typical, and the sharpness makes you feel like you are behind the lense.

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how appreciative I am of your talent! Good luck with it...it should pay the bills for you!


I am really amazed at what you are achieveing with your camera. It should be an inspiration to anyone who doesn't have all the fancy equipment (and I think I've got quite a bit, yet don't quite get what you're getting). Great shot - my macro lens at f/4 wouldn't produce anything like the dof you've got. Well done! Rob, Cape Town http://dobbino.aminus3.com/ - image here

Photography Equipment

Nikon Coolpix L5
Sony DSC-H7
Sony Telephoto lens added 22 March 2008
Tripod to ensure steady pictures