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Mud bath
9 June 2012

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16 January 2012

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26 April 2011

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Strawberry bubbles
3 November 2010

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1 November 2010

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17 February 2009

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Silverstar Casino
24 January 2009

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Forest whispers
21 January 2009

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Sliding window frame
18 January 2009

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14 December 2008

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The Herberg Hotel
15 November 2008

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Never too late
17 September 2008

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19 August 2008

Recent Comments

Winnie Musonda on Animal skin patch work 1 of 2
Very beautiful piece

Colin at Eyeconic on Staring...
This is wonderfully seen and captured

L'angevine on Chinese New Year 1 of 2
bravo pour ce cadrage

Chantel on 1time Airliner
Hi Ina, im wondering if you might be able to help me, im trying to find a high quality picture of 1time's launch ...

Olivier Rault on Call of Africa
Wow, amazing shot, wel done, i love it !

Frédéric on Deep are the thoughts of a child
Magnifique photographie ! Grande intensité dans le regard. Beaucoup d'émotion dans ce cliché. ...

Marie on Feeding time
jolie composition.

omid on Feeding time
wooow! very interesting & nice!

omid on So, that is how it's done...
very nice & impressive!!

Marie on Birds on a wire
jolie composition.

omid on grid
very nice!

omid on Birds on a wire

Pierre Joubert on Ferris wheel
very nice shot! lovely composition

Pierre Joubert on grid
nice shot, lovely tones and post processing

Marie on Ferris wheel
joli rendu des couleurs.

mosleh on grid
beautiful :)

mSafdel on Gold fish
This is a very nice capture but these fishes are Parrot fish no Goldfish. :-)

dang on Safe landing
Love it! Nicely done.

amateuRobert on Protesting Child
Remek pillanatkép.

amateuRobert on With the help of mother goose
Nagy pillanat.

Kent on Safe landing
Great image

vu@granby - Wolfgang on Safe landing
A real monster, well caught!

Marie on Safe landing
impressionnant, jolie macro.

JCJ on Safe landing
funny macro! interesting angle... it's quite an original photo !

Stefan on Safe landing
Very cool image!

Lucie on Safe landing
What a cool shot! Somehow almost unreal.

dobbino on Brown eye
Hi Ina - nice to see you back! Have gone back and seen the fabulous posts I have missed - especially the newborn one - ...

Marie on Call of Africa
impressionnant, ce portrait !

vu@granby - Wolfgang on Wild flower
And a bee homing in on the flower here....

vu@granby - Wolfgang on Cheetah 2 of 2
I have this one from Hammerstein Lodge, Namibia

vu@granby - Wolfgang on Call of Africa
A comparison here....

Franz on Call of Africa
a fearsome portrait and a study of healthy teeth! stupendous!

Franz on Hopelessly in Love
sweet! but why hopelessly? hope dies last, you know! :-)

Sonia Nansid on Corridor Ghost
Well done!

Larry Elkins on Corridor Ghost
Super image well captured.

Marie on I am aware...
très beau portrait.

salva on I am aware...
Excellent portrait!

Lucie on splash
Great capture. Makes me feel like strawberries ;)

Steven on Whoaaa
An eye-catching capture that you have shared. Now you have me thinking about why that ring is there.

amy on Daisy Waterdance
Wonderful!! Love how you did both yesterday and today's posts. Excellent and creative idea, Ina!!

mosleh on Daisy Waterdance
jvana :)beautiful

Elora on Daisy Waterdance
very interesting photo, an original idea :)

Gonzalo Sirgo on Flame within us
Nice and exciting...

Gonzalo Sirgo on Daisy Waterdance
Water over died flower...interesting..

Steven on Fresh
Stunning capture with beautiful color and detail!

Nerise on Fresh
nice contrast, cool shot

Marie on Fresh
wouaw, très beau !

Cosmin on Fresh
beautiful wet roses ...

Steven on Green
Wow! What an incredible macro with great detail!

Larry Elkins on Flame within us
Love the smoky quality.

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